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The Queen is Coming Home!

Eeeeeeee! She shipped! My vamp queen is on her way home! >w<

Her name is Rowena, and she is the Sonera (meaning Queen in the ancient language) of the Night Children. She can travel from realm to realm (human and otherwise), and currently rules from The City of Shade (suitably named XD) which she overtook when she conquered the old gods who lived there. Her rule is the opposite of the Golden City ruled by the Elves.


But holy crap I can’t wait to have her home!

The Dolly Purge

I’ve been away traveling and just out experiencing new things, loving new art, and appreciating what I have. I realized that there were certain things that will always inspire me, and some things that just faded away with time. They are just pleasant memories.

This also applies to dolls. If you know my crew decently enough - I admit I haven’t been posting as much about them as of late, but I generally try to share any new additions (but I do have quite a large collection) - you may notice certain dolls absent from my crew list on Den of Angels. I needed to let go of some of my past dolls. I realized that I had been holding onto many of them because of guilt, because they had been gifts, or had been in my collection for a long time.

This especially applies to my very first BJD, my Dollmore Kid Asha, whom I named Sylvia. I couldn’t bring myself to sell her (or be in the process of doing so) because of sentimental issues. I know that if I did sell her it would be for cheap, and she does in fact mean a lot to me so I rather hold on to her. She means something to me, but not as a character, not even a treasured BJD, but as a treasured item. Hence, I stored her away carefully and I feel oddly…liberated. I had long since felt that Adonis - my Soom Namu - had always been my first ‘real’ doll. I adored that doll when I first got him, and I simply love him to pieces to this day. I can’t imagine not having him. It was true love at first sight and now that’s what I understand I always wanted my first doll to be. Not only does he have a presence in my dolly cabinet, but he has a huge presence in my heart as a character. I decided that I wanted this to apply to all of my dolls. I may not love them in the way I treasure Adonis, but I certainly want to feel like I understand each character, and love them in their own unique way. I want to feel like I want to spoil them, or even just write about them (as some dolls have one set image instead of a changing one; I liked what JennyNemisis had posted on DoA of some dolls having different ‘jobs’ -  like my Limited Sphaler being eye candy, or my Volks Rinon being an evolving character!).

What I’ve done is honestly look at certain dolls I felt nothing for and decided to move on. While it isn’t by no means a great dolly purge, it is substantial enough to make room for dolls I may want to own in the future, ones that may take on a strong character that I adore. I want to walk into my dolly room and just love every single one of them, not go ‘Oh I love you all…except you, you, and you…you guys are OK’.

I expect to be selling or trading off several more dolls to my local community because I am bad at paypal.XD I’m just getting a better account to buy and sell more now, so yeah. I may offer trades on DoA or cash payments. I’m currently debating about keeping my Leekeworld Mikhaila and my Zaoll Luv (open eye NS head with custom faceup). I’ve decided to give them a chance this week, and if they don’t work out I want them to move on to better homes.

I intend to post more soon! <3

A great inspiration for my new Vamp Queen (Iple Gray Bianca). The outfit, the voice…gah! Charlize really inspired me with her role as the Evil Queen.

This girl is absolutely AMAZING. I&#8217;m thrilled that I managed to order her (human fullset with additional hands and horns). She&#8217;s destined to be my Vampire queen, inspired by Charlize Theron&#8217;s performance in Snow White and the Huntsman.
"I will give this wretched world the queen it deserves!"

This girl is absolutely AMAZING. I’m thrilled that I managed to order her (human fullset with additional hands and horns). She’s destined to be my Vampire queen, inspired by Charlize Theron’s performance in Snow White and the Huntsman.

"I will give this wretched world the queen it deserves!"

First Post

So I start with tumblr at last! It’s about time I got around to making an account here. And so it begins!